Syracuse Tent RentalsAre you planning to walk down the aisle soon or planning a party outdoors? Or maybe even planning to host an outdoor event and you are afraid that the unpredictable weather might end up spoiling for you? Well, you have come to the right place. At Find Me A Tent we are all about ensuring you have peace of mind knowing that no matter the weather, your event will go on uninterrupted. We provide the best wedding tent rental Syracuse, NY around. We have tents of different shapes and styles to ensure our clients tastes and preferences are met. Following are some tips you should consider when looking to rent a tent for your event.

All Kinds of Tent Rentals in Syracuse for Your Next Event

The following applies mostly for weddings; you need to figure out if you need to rent a wedding tent early in the planning process. We advise our clients to make early bookings to avoid the last minute rush. Sometimes you might find almost all our tents booked meaning you could end up with a tent that does not meet your preference. To avoid this, talk to us a month or so before the date of your wedding so that we can reserve the tent of your choice. Getting tent rentals Syracuse isn’t tough, and we’re here to ensure the entire process goes off without a hitch.

Another important factor when looking at large tent rentals in Syracuse, NY is the size of the tent. The size of the tent is not only determined by the number of people you plan to host but also by other factors such as style of the party; whether a cocktail, buffet, punch and pie or even a sit-down will determine the size. You should choose the squarest tent your site will allow more so if you are hosting a buffet or in case it is the summer when temperatures are unbearable. A square tent is cooler due to its high ceiling. It also looks better than tents of other shapes. Square tents also ensure all your guests feel included in the event.

Huge Inventory of Tents to Choose From

We have many types of tent available for rent but the most popular among our clients are pole tents and frame tents; a tent rental in Syracuse covers both of these options. Pole tents have a swooping roof, do not need liners and are more pleasing aesthetically speaking. These tents require a short time to set up and usually cost less than frame tents. They however have center poles that can obstruct users, they also have to be stacked to the ground and require clearance on all sides for stakes and anchor ropes. On the other hand, frame tents can be erected on any ground, they don’t have center poles and can be attached together to form the shape you want. They also allow for multiple space connection. However, they cost more than pole tents, require a longer time to set up and many people don’t like the site of the frames inside the tent. We also offer Yonkers tent rentals and New York tent rentals.

In addition to offering tents of various shapes and styles, we go a step further by creating 3D CAD diagrams for some of our high end clients. Through the use of the latest state of the art computer aided design, our team of creative designers come up with scaled floor plans which enable clients to visualize all aspects of their events including equipment placement, crowd flow and spacing needs before the actual installation. We also advise our clients on what would work for their case and what wont due to our rich experience in this industry.

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