Rochester Tent RentalsAt Find Me A Tent, we want all of our clients to have the best event tent rental experience possible. While we also specialize in party rentals, we often find a great deal of satisfaction in helping couples with their wedding tent rentals in Rochester. Customer satisfaction is why we take our work as seriously as we do. We also like to advise our clients on the importance of choosing just the right tent for your special day so everyone has a wonderful time and your marriage begins on a good note. Here are some tips on selecting the perfect tent for your wedding day.

Tent Rentals in Rochester for All Kinds of Occasions

First, it’s extremely important to know roughly how many guests will be attending your wedding and reception. Based on the number of RSVP’s you receive, we can help you select the perfect tent size for your needs. Of course, we’ll also advise you of anything else to consider for your tent space needs, such as a place for any refreshment and room for the couples to dance. Another thing we’ve found many couples might overlook in the excitement of the occasion is the type of terrain they plan to put the tent on. It’s important to consider the slope of the land where the tent will be located, as well as its proximity to other structures, such as houses or power lines. For tent rentals Rochester, feel free to give us a jingle to discuss other potential things to pay attention to.

Budget is another factor to consider. While tent rentals are often not a terribly expensive part of a wedding (compared to other expenses), there are some additional things to consider. Do you need a permit? If your wedding or reception is at night, will you need additional lighting? We’ll be more than happy to advise you on any questions you have about such issues, but it’s still important to know that these things can increase the cost of your rental. A tent rental in Rochester is generally not that expensive, but when you start adding on all of these additional item sit can add up. We also have Buffalo tent rentals and Yonkers tent rentals for any occasion!

Kick Your Party Up A Notch With Decorations!

Decorations are a key part of the tent’s success. When considering your tent rental in Rochester, it’s obviously important to pick colors and themes that you’re happy with; however, you’ll also want to consider what kinds of decorations will go in the tent itself. Many of our clients like using flowers or wreaths, but some have also used ribbons, bows, lights, and other kinds of festive décor. We are always happy to give soon-to-be couples some suggestions on what types of decorations to use if you need help. Our goal is to give you the best experience possible, and we take pride in our experience advising brides, grooms, and their families when asked.

Finally, couples will need to consider just how much time you’ll have for the tent’s setup and breakdown. For home weddings, these activities aren’t much of a problem because the wedding party can generally make arrangements the day before. If, however, you plan to hold your wedding at a church, synagogue, community center, or other public venue, it’s important to know the venue’s policies for tent setup and breakdown.

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Many of our clients turn to us for help with these questions, and we’re more than happy to give solid advice. We’ve been in this business for a long time, and if there’s one thing we do well, it’s preparing tents for amazing weddings.
We hope you’ll take all these items into consideration when selecting your tent for the big day. Remember, many couples tell us that there is so much to think about on wedding days. It’s our job to ensure the wedding tent is not one of them.