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pointing-iconClearpspan Tents

Clearspan tents are excellent options for any event that needs both structural sturdiness and wide open interior spaces. Ideal for long-term installations.

pointing-iconFrame Tents

Frame tents are the perfect alternative to pole tents where opportunities for placing stakes in the ground are limited or where raising a center pole is not feasible.

pointing-iconPole Tents

Traditional pole type tents provide more covered area for less money than any other type of tent. These tents must be staked into the grass.


One of the biggest advantages of Clearspan tents are their overall versatility. They can serve a number of purposes and can also be customized with different exteriors to meet your needs. Clearspan Tents are perfect for weddings, luncheons, festivals, concerts, presentation and commercial spaces, long-term storage facilities and classrooms.


When you need a tent but don't want to deal with poles or large Clearspan systems, frame tents are your perfect solutions. Frame tents are also quite versatile and can be used for events of virtually any size where tent coverage is needed. Frame tents are installed using aluminium poles to support fabric tent walls and roofing.


Offering space and flexibility, traditional pole tents are often used for weddings, trade shows, galas, parties, golf events, festivals and more. For those considering pole tents for their next event, it is worth mentioning that these tents must be staked into the grass — they are unable to be used in all-concrete environments such as parking lots.


Premium Tent Rentals - Wedding, Events, Parties

We want you to cherish every moment of your special day, which is why we are happy to provide high-quality tent rental products and services to fit every occasion.


Let us help you host a professional function that inspires your employees.


Custom tents at your wedding reception, our fantastic team can make it happen!


Make sure your concert goers are covered from all weather environments!

Fairs & Festivals

Authenticate your music or community affair with our pointed high-peak tents!

Political Rallies

Ensure your attendees are able to view the speaker in all weather conditions.

Sporting Events

We have top quality rentals for any size sporting event, no task is too big or too small.



Incredibly Strong and Resilient With Unobstructed Views

Indoor and Outdoor installations To Fit Every Budget

Lower Cost Options Available In Larger Sizes

Premium Tent Rentals from Find Me A Tent

A well designed and assembled tent adds a festive atmosphere to an event. If you are looking for any kind of tent for whatever kind of party whether a graduation, wedding, birthday or corporate event, then you have come to the right place. At Find Me A Tent, we offer tents for all kind of events, whether for small intimate parties or large scale public events; if you need a tent rental in Tucson we very likely have just the thing to make you event go off without a hitch.

Large Selection of Tent Rentals in Tucson

Each party or occasion is unique, as well; people are different and often exhibit different tastes and preferences. We recognize this and that is why we have a large selection of tents for our clients to choose from. In addition to the array of tents in our stock, we have other extensive inventory to make your event a success. Our variety ensures we install the right structure that enhances your party/event theme. Our wide event tent rental furnishings include quality linens, chairs, tables and other specialty items all available for rent.

Value-Added Services

We go a step further than just party tent rentals in Tucson. In addition to setting up our tents in your location, our production team is always on standby to help you in your event planning. We will help you design a layout to ensure best presentation and guest flow. We also help come up with captivating ceiling and wall décor together with customized lighting effects. To ensure best results, we use 3D imaging technology to help you review how your actual setting will be in advance. This is important because you can easily change features you are not comfortable with in advance. We take a responsibility to implement your plan while you seat back to relax and enjoy your event.

A Great Service At A Great Price

A wedding should be memorable, something to be savored for a long time. We prove wedding tent rental Tucson and other king of event rentals services with a commitment to make the event a success. We try to work around a client’s budget to come up with a good package. We have a rich experience in tent rentals Tucson and the event planning business meaning we know what works and what does not. This understanding means we will save your time and other unnecessary expenses. Our qualified and creative team of professionals attends to all details pertinent to each event to ensure it is memorable. We also offer Phoenix tent rentals and Mesa tent rentals.

Centrally Located

We are centrally located which ensures clients can easily access our exhibits. Clients can pop in any time during working hours to view what we have on offer. Our spacious location helps us display a wide variety of party and event themes from which you can choose from. We regularly update our inventory to ensure it conforms to the latest trends in the party/ events industry.

Customer Service

When you call or visit us, you will be attended by warm and friendly customer service officials who will take their time to explain our services and the entire inventory we have on offer. They will also answer all your queries. Once you explain your requirements, these officials will schedule an appointment with one of our professionals who will help you in planning your party or event.

In case you are planning a party or event in the near future, talk Find Me A Tent today to help you out. We will work with you closely from start to the finish to ensure your party is a success. Trust us to get it right every time.

Have An Event Coming Up? We Can Help. Book Your Tent Rental.

Fill out the form below or call 888-935-5835 to speak with a sales representative about how we can help you with your upcoming events.

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